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It seems like hooping is popping up everywhere. Why? Because its FUN. And who doesn’t want a fun, inexpensive way to look great and “get your cardio in”? Once you’ve mastered the basics like hip hooping and halos (moving the hoop around your hand), you’ll be ready to start putting the moves together for an experience we call Hoopdance.

Hoopdance is training your body to control the hoop as it revolves around your body. In learning these movements, you create a space in the world that is uniquely yours; a vortex spinning energy created and maintained by your core strength. The stress of the day begins to melt away as you lose the ability to focus on anything other than keeping the hoop up! In doing so, you are strengthening your core and burning up to 600 calories per hour!  

We are proud to announce that we are now certified in HoopFit.  HoopFit is a cardio workout targeting your entire body.  There are resistance and toning workouts with the hoop on and off the body.  This is an exciting new program we are looking forward to sharing with you.  Come and hoop with us.

We are looking to get you in shape for the summer season.  We want you to sweat, laugh, and have fun getting healthy and fit.  

Hoopnotica training programs are acknowledged by AFAA and ACE, America's two largest fitness certification bodies.  

We will be announcing local areas that you can join us for a free introduction to hooping.  Please keep checking the site for upcoming locations posted under class schedule. 
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